More than 1,850 free plans, and projects in more than 200 categories!

These free plans cover all aspects of woodworking and crafts. Some of the free plans are more handyman oriented then woodworking oriented. Also, some of the free plans require a working knowledge of metalwork fabrication, mechanics and crafts.

The free plans vary in their degree of difficulty – from the novice to expert woodworker and/or handyman.

Learn how to read woodworking plans.

Fall Projects - To Do List.

Always read the free woodworking plans carefully and make sure that there is enough information provided for you to be able to complete the project - before you invest in materials. Some of the free plans are excellent, giving a great deal of information and instruction in text, pictures and drawings while some of the other free plans are only drawings and still others are only sketches.

Choosing Your Free Plan:

There are thousands of free woodworking plans on the Internet, deciding on which plan is worth building can be a difficult decision. Following are some personal guidelines that you may wish to take note of:

If after searching the free woodworking plans you are unable to find a free plan that suits your needs you may wish to consider purchasing your project plans.

After a great deal of investigation, we have partnered with Ted's Woodworking, we believe that it is the #1 resource for all woodworking plans, projects and videos. Ted's Woodworking provides detailed plans, drawings and instructions for 16,000 woodworking projects, along with 150 woodworking videos and other essential woodworking information for those of us who do woodworking projects on a regular basis.

As well, Ted's Woodworking allows you to search the database of 16,000 plans based on your skill level and other parameters. For more information on Ted's Woodworking Plans, Projects and Videos Click Here!

To help you with your project, we have chosen a selection of ebooks that are related to the subjects of the free woodworking plans that you are interested in.

Finally, if you cannot find a free woodworking plan or a purchased plan that suites your needs, the last item on almost every page of the woodworking plans is a selection of manufactured items that match the woodworking plan category that you have shown an interest in.

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